Index by Submission Number

Sub. Title
002 Effect Of Area Level Deprivation On Body Mass Index: Analysis Of NZ Health Surveys
003 Online Learning For Bayesian Nonparametrics: Weakly Conjugate Approximation
004 The Joint Models For Nonlinear Longitudinal And Time-To-Event Data Using Penalized Splines: A Bayesian Approach
005 Transfer Regression And Predictive Distributions
007 Specification Of GARCH Model Under Asymmetric Error Innovations
008 Lattice Polytope Samplers
009 Promoting Your R Package
010 Incorporating Genetic Networks Into Case-Control Association Studies With High-Dimensional DNA Methylation Data
011 Presenting Flexi, A Statistical Program For Fitting Variance Models
012 Calendar-Based Graphics For Visualising People’s Daily Schedules
014 Bayesian Optimum Warranty Length Under Type-II Unified Hybrid Censoring Scheme
015 Adaptive Model Checking For Functional Single-Index Models
016 An EWMA Chart For Monitoring Covariance Matrix Based On Dissimilarity Index
017 Analysis Of Multivariate Binary Longitudinal Data: Metabolic Syndrome During Menopausal Transition
018 Test For Genomic Imprinting Effects On The X Chromosome
019 A Unified Regularized Group PLS Algorithm Scalable To Big Data
020 Bayesian Analyses Of Non-Homogeneous Gaussian Hidden Markov Models
021 Clustering Using Nonparametric Mixtures And Mode Identification
022 Robust Principal Expectile Component Analysis
023 Estimation Of A High-Dimensional Covariance Matrix
024 Identifying Clusters Of Patients With Diabetes Using A Markov Birth-Death Process
025 R&D Policy Regimes In France: New Evidence From A Spatio-Temporal Analysis
026 Adaptive Model Averaging In High-Dimensional Linear Regression
027 Fluctuation Reduction Of Value-At-Risk Estimation And Its Applications
028 Spatial Surveillance With Scan Statistics By Controlling The False Discovery Rate
029 Genetic Map Estimation Using Hidden Markov Models In The Presence Of Partially Observed Information
030 Estimation Of A Semiparametric Spatiotemporal Models With Mixed Frequency
031 Vector Generalized Linear Time Series Models
032 gridSVG: Then And Now
033 Evaluation Of Spatial Cluster Detection Method Based On All Geographical Linkage Patterns
034 On Optimal Group Testing Designs: Prevalence Estimation, Cost Considerations, And Dilution Effects
035 Evidence Of Climate Change From Nonparametric Change-Point Analysis
036 Nonparametric Test For Volatility In Clustered Multiple Time Series
037 Bayesian Curve Fitting For Discontinuous Function Using Overcomplete Representation With Multiple Kernels
038 Variable Selection Algorithms
039 Towards An Informal Test For Goodness-Of-Fit
040 Genetic Approach And Statistical Approach For Association Study On DNA Data
041 The Use Of Bayesian Networks In Grape Yield Prediction
042 Comparison Of Tests Of Mean Difference In Longitudinal Data Based On Block Resampling Methods
043 Dissimilarities Between Groups Of Data
044 The Uncomfortable Entrepreneurs: Bad Working Conditions And Entrepreneurial Commitment
045 Mixed Models For Complex Survey Data
046 Intensity Estimation Of Spatial Point Processes Based On Area-Aggregated Data
047 How Does The Textile Set Describe Geometric Structures Of Data?
048 Selecting Generalised Linear Models Under Inequality Constraints
049 Bayesian Structure Selection For Vector Autoregression Model
050 Improving The Production Cycle At Stats NZ With RStudio
051 An Incomplete-Data Fisher Scoring With An Acceleration Method
052 Smooth Nonparametric Regression Under Shape Restrictions
053 R – A Powerful Analysis Tool To Improve Official Statistics In Romania
054 Statistical Disclosure Control With R: Traditional Methods And Synthetic Data
055 Innovative Bayesian Estimation In The von Mises Distribution
056 Cluster-Wise Regression Models Combined By A Quasi-Linear Function
057 Improvement Of Computation For Nonlinear Multivariate Methods
058 Clusterwise Low-Rank Correlation Analysis Based On Majorization
059 Empirical Comparison Of Some Algorithms For Automatic Univariate ARMA Modeling Using RcmdrPlugin.SPSS
060 Robustness Of Temperature Reconstruction For Past 500 Years
061 Estimation Of Animal Density From Acoustic Detections
062 Random Search Global Optimization Using Random Forests
063 A Max-Type Multivariate Two-Sample Baumgartner Statistic
064 Performance Of Bayesian Credible Interval For Binomial Proportion Using Logit Transformation
065 Semiparametric Mixed Analysis Of Covariance Model
066 Bringing Multimix From Fortran To R
067 Geographically Weighted Principal Component Analysis For Spatio-Temporal Statistical Dataset
068 Dimension Reduction Strategies For Modeling Bi-Clustered High Dimensional Data
069 A Package For Multiple Precision Floating-Point Computation On R
071 Simultaneous Test For Mean Vectors And Covariance Matrices In High-Dimensional Settings
072 Detecting Change-Points In The Stress-Strength Reliability P(X<Y)
073 Two Stage Approach To Data-Driven Subgroup Identification In Clinical Trials
074 Adjusted Adaptive Index Model For Binary Response
075 Dimension Reduction For Classification Of High-Dimensional Data By Stepwise SVM
076 A Simple Method For Grouping Patients Based On Historical Doses
077 Real-Time Transit Network Modelling For Improved Arrival Time Predictions
078 Ranking Potential Shoplifters In Real Time
079 Canonical Covariance Analysis For Mixed Numerical And Categorical Three-Way Three-Mode Data
080 Bayesian Survival Analysis Of Batsmen In Test Cricket
081 Flight To Relative Safety: Learning From A No-Arbitrage Network Of Yield Curves Model Of The Euro Area
083 Rolling Survival Extrapolation Algorithm For Estimating Life Years Lost Among Subjects Exposed To Long-Term Air Pollution
084 Analysing Scientific Collaborations Of New Zealand Institutions Using Scopus Bibliometric Data
085 Genetic Predictors Underlying Long-Term Cognitive Recovery Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
087 Symbolic Data Analytical Approach To Unauthorized-Access Logs
088 Bayesian Static Parameter Inference For Partially Observed Stochastic Systems
089 Interactive Visualization Of Aggregated Symbolic Data
090 Measure Of Departure From Marginal Average Point-Symmetry For Two-Way Contingency Tables With Ordered Categories
091 Optimizing Junior Rugby Weight Limits
092 BIG-SIR A Sliced Inverse Regression Approach For Massive Data
093 Local Canonical Correlation Analysis For Multimodal Labeled Data
094 Estimating Causal Structures For Continuous And Discrete Variables
095 Meta-Analysis With Symbolic Data Analysis And Its Application For Clinical Data
096 Deep Learning High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices
097 Analysis Of Spatial Data With A Gaussian Mixture Markov Random Field Model
098 Imputation Of The 2016 Economic Census For Business Activity In Japan
099 SSREM: A Summary-Statistics-Based Random Effect Model To Estimating Heritability, Co-Heritability And Effect Sizes In GWAS Data Analysis
100 A Practitioners Guide To Deep Learning For Predictive Analytics On Structured Data
101 Pattern Prediction For Time Series Data With Change Points
102 Regression With Random Effects For Analysing Correlated Survival Data: Application To Disease Recurrences
103 Comparison Of Exact And Approximate Testing Procedures In Clinical Trials With Multiple Binary Endpoints
104 Modified Gene Shaving Algorithm - A Dimension REduction And Clustering Method
105 Applying Active Learning Procedure To Drug Consumption Data
106 Consistency Of Linear Mixed-Effects Model Selection With Inconsistent Covariance Parameter Estimators
107 Testing For Presence Of Clustering Effect In Multilevel Model With High-Dimensional Predictors
108 High Dimensional Asymptotics For The Naive Canonical Correlation Coefficient
109 Factors Influencing On Growth Of Garments Industry In Bangladesh
111 New Zealand Crime And Victims Survey: Filling The Knowledge Gap
112 Analysis Of Official Microdata Using Secure Statistical Computation System
113 Statistical Models For The Source Attribution Of Zoonotic Diseases: A Study Of Campylobacteriosis
114 A New Approach To Distribution Free Tests In Contingency Tables
115 Bayesian Inference For Population Attributable Measures
116 Dimensionality Reduction Of Multivariate Data For Bayesian Analysis
117 Computation Of Influence Functions For Robust Statistics
118 Analysis Of A Brief Telephone Intervention For Problem Gambling And Examining The Impact On Co-Existing Depression?
120 Forward Selection In Regression Models Based On Robust Estimation
121 Feature Selection In High-Dimensional Models With Complex Block Structures
122 IGESS: A Statistical Approach To Integrating Individual Level Genotype Data And Summary Statistics In Genome Wide Association Studies
123 Sparse Estimates From Dense Precision Matrix Posteriors
124 Whitebait In All Its Varieties: One Fish, Two Fish, Three, Four, Five Fish.
125 Adaptive False Discovery Rate Regression With Application In Integrative Analysis Of Large-Scale Genomic Data
126 Computing Entropies With Nested Sampling
127 Missing Data In Randomised Control Trials: Stepped Multiple Imputation
128 Author Name Identification For Evaluating Research Performance Of Institutes
129 Separation Of Symmetry For Square Contingency Tables With Ordinal Categories
130 Elastic-Band Transform: A New Approach To Multiscale Visualization
132 Bayesian Continuous Space-Time Model Of Burglaries
133 Penalized Vector Generalized Additive Models
134 Scoring Rules For Prediction And Classification Challenges
135 Breeding Value Estimation In Partially-Genotyped Populations
136 An Overview Of The Correspondence Analysis Family
137 Relationships Between Linguistic Characteristics And The Use Of Māori Loanwords In New Zealand English.
138 Including Covariate Estimation Error When Predicting Species Distributions: A Simulation Exercise Using Template Model Builder
139 Nonparametric Causal Inference By The Kernel Method
140 Sparse Group-Subgroup Partial Least Squares With Application To Genomic Data
141 R In Industry – Application On Pipe Renewal Planning
142 Covariate Discretisation On Big Data
143 R Package For New Two-Stage Methods In Forecasting Time Series With Multiple Seasonality
144 Spatial Scan Statistics For Matched Case-Control Data
145 Model-Based Clustering For Multivariate Categorical Data With Dimension Reduction
146 Talk Data To Me
147 An Information Criterion For Prediction With Auxiliary Variables Under Covariate Shift
148 LSMM: A Statistical Approach To Integrating Functional Annotations With Genome-Wide Association Studies
149 Visualization And Statistical Modeling Of Financial Big Data
150 Modeling Of Document Abstraction Using Association Rule Based Characterization
151 BIVAS: A Scalable Bayesian Method For Bi-Level Variable Selection
153 Enhancing The Flexibility Of Regression Modeling By Liquid Association
154 High Mortality Predictions With Lines Or Curves Fitted To Over-Dispersed Exposure-Mortality Data
155 A Computational Tool For Detecting Copy Number Variations From Whole Genome And Targeted Exome Sequencing
156 Modelling The Distribution Of Lifetime Using Compound Time-Homogenous Poisson Process
157 An Advanced Approach For Time Series Forecasting Using Deep Learning
158 A Smoothing Filter Modelling Approach For Time Series
159 Structure Of Members In The Organization To Induce Innovation: Quantitatively Analyze The Capability Of The Organization
160 Statistical Modelling And Analysis Of Cosmic Microwave Background Data
161 Joint Analysis Of Individual Level Genotype Data And Summary Statistics By Leveraging Pleiotropy
162 Adjusting For Linkage Bias In The Analysis Of Record-Linked Data
163 Spline-Based Drift Models For High Temperature Operating Life Tests
164 Tolerance Limits For The Reliability Of Semiconductor Devices Using Longitudinal Data
165 Statistical Generalized Derivative Applied To The Profile Likelihood Estimation In A Mixture Of Semiparametric Models
166 Cross Covariance Estimation For Integration Of Multi-Omics Data
167 Regularized Noise-Reduction Methodology For High-Dimensional Data
168 Selecting The Number Of Principal Components
169 Clustering Of Curves On A Spatial Domain Using A Bayesian Partitioning Model
170 Family Structure And Academic Achievements Of High School Students In Tonga
171 Hierarchical Structural Component Analysis Of Gene-Environment Interactions
172 Towards A Sparse, Scalable, And Stably Positive Definite (Inverse) Covariance Estimator
173 Testing For Genetic Associations In Arbitrarily Structured Populations
174 Bayesian Temporal Density Estimation Using Autoregressive Species Sampling Models
175 Prior-Based Bayesian Information Criterion
176 Bayesian Semiparametric Hierarchical Models For Longitudinal Data Analysis With Application To Dose-Response Studies
177 Mobile Learning In Teaching Bioinformatics For Medical Doctors
178 Wavelet-Based Power Transformation Of Non-Gaussian Long Memory Time Series
179 Threshold Determination For The Meteorological Data Quality Control In Korea
180 Meta-Analytic Principal Component Analysis In Integrative Omics Application
181 Fitting Additive Hazards Model Using Calibrated Weights For Case-Cohort Data
182 Three-Dimensional Data Visualization Education With Virtual Reality
183 Bayesian Analysis For Fitting Zero-Inflated Count Data With Data Augmentation
184 Inverse Regression For Multivariate Functional Data
185 Multiple Function-On-Function Linear Regression With Application To Weather Forecast Calibration
186 Phylogenetic Tree-Based Microbiome Association Test
187 A Study Of The Influence Of Articles In The Large-Scale Citation Network
188 Probabilistic Outlier Detection And Visualization Of Smart Meter Data
189 Model-Checking For Regressions: A Local Smoothing-Based Global Smoothing Test
190 Clustering Of Research Subject Based On Stochastic Block Model
191 Latent Variable Models And Multivariate Binomial Data
192 My Knee Still Hurts; The Statistical Pathway To The Development Of A Clinical Decision Aid
193 Asking About Sex In General Health Surveys: Comparing The Methods And Findings Of The 2010 Health Survey For England With Those Of The Third National Survey Of Sexual Attitudes And Lifestyles
194 R For Everything
195 Tick-By-Tick Effect On The Inference Of Ultra-High Frequency Data
196 A Simple Method To Construct Confidence Bands In Functional Linear Regression
197 Space And Circular Time Log Gaussian Cox Processes With Application To Crime Event Data
198 Could Do Better … A Report Card For Statistical Computing
199 ALTREP: Alternate Representations Of Basic R Objects
200 Zen And The aRt Of Workflow Maintenance
201 R In Times Of Growing User Base And Data Sizes
202 A Bayesian Inference For Time Series Via Copula-Based Markov Chain Models
203 Estimating Links Of A Network From Time To Event Data
204 E-Learning Courses On Introductory Statistics Using Interactive Educational Tools
205 Towards A Big Data CPI For New Zealand
206 Investigating Methods To Produce Price Indexes From Big Data
207 The Potential Of Web Scraping
208 Early Childhood Dental Decay